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[Xen-devel] Xen Hardware Setup (DRBD) and Algorithmic Discussion

Hope all would be fine.

I request you to guide my two issues for live migraiton:
1) Set up: I would like to migrate my existing system from xen4.1 to xen4.2+. I have been working with xen4.1.4+ DRBD for live migration.
I have modified kernel by comping linux and installed xen4.1.4 but now i want to migrate to xen4.2+ so please give any idea.

new code of xen 4.2+ is downloaded and make world is done  but at the time of migration, ssh connection port 22 error is given. it also shows
in grub two entries xenolder and xennewer.so is their xen(newer/older) conflict?

2) Algorithmic Part:
I would like to work on Delta compression/Prediction technique for live migration using Xen. I have set up Xen Framework usign DRB D and completed load balancing kind stuff. I used Xen4.1 for my experimental work which gives freedom to work with xm and xl toolstacks.
But compression code is available from xen4.2+. I am understanding data structures of xc_domain_save and xc_compression using fossies (source code documentation) given in http://fossies.org/dox/xen-4.4.1/xc__domain__save_8c.html is there any other easy documentation because number of research papers are available but i didn't understand the practical aspect from them.

Iansir has requested me about migration v2 (to be proposed in xen6 written by Andrew Cooper) for live migration but i did not able to find any kind of patch of Coopersir in that email. The email is found in May'14 xen-devel but i am not more clear about migration v2.



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