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Re: [Xen-devel] null domains | xen4.4

What does "xenstore-ls -fp" say?
# xenstore-ls -fp
/tool = ""   (n0)
/tool/xenstored = ""   (n0)
/local = ""   (n0)
/local/domain = ""   (n0)
/local/domain/0 = ""   (n0)
/local/domain/0/name = "Domain-0"   (n0)
/local/domain/0/domid = "0"   (n0)
/local/domain/0/libxl = ""   (n0)
/local/domain/0/libxl/disable_udev = "1"   (n0)
/local/domain/0/device-model = ""   (n0)
/vm = ""   (n0)
/libxl = ""   (n0)

I meant something newer than 3.10, not just the latest 3.10.
I think it's a problem. We can't deliberately create a null-domain and we can't use kernel other then 3.10 in production.

Thanks, seems like each domain has three leaked pages, e.g.:

(XEN) Memory pages belonging to domain 4:
(XEN)     DomPage 0000000000c2b7e6: caf=00000001, taf=7400000000000001
(XEN)     DomPage 0000000000c2aa03: caf=00000001, taf=7400000000000001
(XEN)     DomPage 0000000000cb8397: caf=00000001, taf=7400000000000001

If the vifX.Y device is still in existence then there's a pretty good
chance it's holding a page, likewise any disk backends etc.
I can't delete vif as I said before.

Are there any messages in the dom0 dmesg around the time of the guest
supposedly shutting down? How about logs under /var/log/xen.
Logs doesn't contains any usefull information.

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