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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen-4.5-rc1 test day results from XenServer

On 29/10/14 19:11, Andrew Cooper wrote:
> Hi,
> Within XenServer, I have an experimental branch running on top of
> Xen-4.5 which is currently being tested by our basic verification tests.
> It is a CentOS 6.5-based dom0, with Xapi as a toolstack and
> qemu-traditional for device model.  It is based on staging, which is a
> good enough approximation to -rc1 for testing purposes.
> The following bugs are present in -rc1, but have fixes already present
> in staging.
> * Specifying a LIBXL_API_VERSION causes a build failure in libxl_uuid.h 
> (fixed by c/s 67d95d0)
> * Migrating windows VMs from older versions of Xen fails (fixed by c/s
> 66d0c0a)
> The following bugs are present in -rc1 and are not fixed in current
> staging.  Patches fixing each of these are on xen-devel.
> * pygrub can't parse grub1 config files
> (1414425614-43267-1-git-send-email-simon.rowe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)
> * TOCTOU race in pygrub
> (1414591781-19376-1-git-send-email-andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx)

In addition,  (This was discovered against 4.4, but its also affected
4.5 testing)

* libxl reports invalid value for shutdown_code during domain shutdown


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