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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC OSSTEST 10/19] make-flight: Run a basic test on each arm platform

Ian Campbell writes ("[PATCH RFC OSSTEST 10/19] make-flight: Run a basic test 
on each arm platform"):
> Unlike x86 there is enough variation in the ARM platforms that it is
> worth having a basic test on each as part of a standard run. This
> relies on each host having an appropriate equiv-$platform host flag.

I think using equiv-* for this is not correct.

Hosts named equiv-* are supposed to be completely identical, but we
might end up with hosts which are similar enough that they qualify for
this cross-architecture testing, and but not completely identical.

Furthermore, using equiv-* makes it difficult to automatically search
for a list of the different board classes we would want to use.

I would invent a new prefix.  Perhaps flags like

Then you could search the database

  SELECT UNIQUE platform
     SUCHTHAT (host,"arch-$arch") in hostflags
          AND (host,"blessed-$whatever") in hostflags

rather than hardcoding the list in make-flight.

> Currently the existing arm midway boxes are "equiv-marilith", this
> turns out to be a bad choice at least for this purpose, since
> marilith is the host name, not the platform, we should either switch
> to or add equiv-midway. ISTR discussing this at the time and picking
> equiv-marilith pretty much arbitrarily, AFAIK nothing is using it
> explicitly today so I think removing and adding equiv-midway is the
> right choice.

See above.  `equiv-marilith' would be correct if we had another
identical Calxeda box.


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