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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC v2 1/4] x86/mm: Shadow and p2m changes for PV mem_access

>>> On 22.08.14 at 11:34, <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 22/08/14 03:29, Aravindh Puthiyaparambil (aravindp) wrote:
>>>> No, at least not about unspecified hypothetical ones. But again - a
>>>> vague statement like you gave, without any kind of quantification of
>>>> the imposed overhead, isn't going to be good enough a judgment.
>>>> After all pausing a domain can be quite problematic for its performance
>>>> if that happens reasonably frequently. Otoh I admit that the user of
>>>> your new mechanism has a certain level of control over the impact via
>>>> the number of pages (s)he wants to write-protect. So yes, perhaps it
>>>> isn't going to be too bad as long as the hackery you need to do isn't.
>>> I just wanted to give an update as to where I stand so as to not leave this
>>> thread hanging. As I was working through pausing and unpausing the domain
>>> during Xen writes to guest memory, I found a spot where the write happens
>>> outside of __copy_to_user_ll() and __put_user_size(). It occurs in
>>> create_bounce_frame() where Xen writes to the guest stack to setup an
>>> exception frame. At that moment, if the guest stack is marked read-only, we
>>> end up in the same situation as with the copy to guest functions but with no
>>> obvious place to revert the page table entry back to read-only. I am at the
>>> moment looking for a spot where I can do this.
>> I have a solution for the create_bounc_frame() issue I described above. 
> Please find below a POC patch that includes pausing and unpausing the domain 
> during the Xen writes to guest memory. I have it on top of the patch that was 
> using CR0.WP to highlight the difference. Please take a look and let me know 
> if this solution is acceptable. 
>> PS: I do realize whatever I do to create_bounce_frame() will have to be 
> reflected in the compat version. If this is correct approach I will do the 
> same there too.
> What is wrong with just making use of CR0.WP to solve this issue?

The problem is that the period of time during with that flag would
remain clear isn't well bounded (due to the potential of interrupts
kicking intermediately).

> Alternatively, locate the page in question and use map_domain_page() to
> get a supervisor rw mapping.

Certainly not nice especially in the create_bounce_frame() case
(albeit I think a callout is being used anyway according to what
Aravindh said - I didn't look at the proposed changes in detail
yet), and the necessarily involved manual page table walk likely
wouldn't be nice either.


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