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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH V5 2/5] Add XEN pvSCSI protocol description

On 08/21/2014 09:26 PM, Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk wrote:
On Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 04:01:57PM +0200, Juergen Gross wrote:
On 08/20/2014 03:25 PM, Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk wrote:
On Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 11:31:47AM +0200, jgross@xxxxxxxx wrote:
+struct vscsiif_request {
+       uint16_t rqid;          /* private guest value, echoed in resp  */
+       uint8_t act;            /* command between backend and frontend */
+       uint8_t cmd_len;        /* valid CDB bytes */
+       uint8_t cmnd[VSCSIIF_MAX_COMMAND_SIZE]; /* the CDB */
+       uint16_t timeout_per_command;
+       uint16_t channel, id, lun;      /* (virtual) device specification */
+       uint16_t ref_rqid;              /* command abort reference */
+       uint8_t sc_data_direction;      /* for DMA_TO_DEVICE(1)
+                                          DMA_FROM_DEVICE(2)
+                                          DMA_NONE(3) requests */
+       uint8_t nr_segments;            /* Number of pieces of scatter-gather */
+#define VSCSIIF_SG_GRANT       0x80    /* flag: SG elements via grant page */
+                                       /* nr_segments counts grant pages with
+                                          SG elements

Stop missing. However I am a bit lost. It says that the 'nr_segments' will have 
count of grant pages with SG elements. Does that mean the req.seg[0].gref points
to an page which will have an array of grant references? And each grant 
will point to a data page? What about the 'offset' and 'length' of them?

Or does it mean that the 'reg.seg[0].gref' points an page that is filled with
'struct scsiif_request_segment' ? If so, where would the could of those
segments be in? In 'nr_segments'? If that is so where does the VSCSIIF_SG_GRANT
go? Won't we collide?

nr_segments (without the VSCSIIF_SG_GRANT bit) always counts the number
of populated seg[] entries. If VSCSIIF_SG_GRANT is set, each seg[] entry
references another array of struct scsiif_request_segment using a grant
ref, offset into the granted page and a length of the array in bytes.

Shouldn't there be a comment about that? The blkif.h has a pretty lengthy
one when it comes to indirect descriptors that could be copied as it
sounds exactly like the same thing.

I already added the following:

 * Request a SCSI operation specified via a CDB in vscsiif_request.cmnd.
 * The target is specified via channel, id and lun.
* The operation to be performed is specified via a CDB in cmnd[], the length * of the CDB is in cmd_len. sc_data_direction specifies the direction of data
 * (to the device, from the device, or none at all).
 * If data is to be transferred to or from the device the buffer(s) in the
 * guest memory is/are specified via one or multiple scsiif_request_segment
* descriptors each specifying a memory page via a grant_ref_t, a offset into * the page and the length of the area in that page. All scsiif_request_segment
 * areas concatenated form the resulting data buffer used by the operation.
* If the number of scsiif_request_segment areas is not too large (less than * or equal VSCSIIF_SG_TABLESIZE) the areas can be specified directly in the * seg[] array and the number of valid scsiif_request_segment elements is to be
 * set in nr_segments.
* If "feature-sg-grant" in the Xenstore is set it is possible to specify more * than VSCSIIF_SG_TABLESIZE scsiif_request_segment elements via indirection. * The maximum number of allowed scsiif_request_segment elements is the value * of the "feature-sg-grant" entry from Xenstore. When using indirection the
 * seg[] array doesn't contain specifications of the data buffers, but
 * references to scsiif_request_segment arrays, which in turn reference the
* data buffers. While nr_segments holds the number of populated seg[] entries * (plus the set VSCSIIF_SG_GRANT bit), the number of scsiif_request_segment * elements referencing the target data buffers is calculated from the lengths
 * of the seg[] elements (the sum of all valid seg[].length divided by the
 * size of one scsiif_request_segment structure).
#define VSCSIIF_ACT_SCSI_CDB           1

The resulting number of struct scsiif_request_segment is the sum of
seg[0..nr_segments-1].length / sizeof(struct scsiif_request_segment).

Where the nr_segments can only go Up to VSCSIIF_SG_TABLESIZE, so the max
total SG entries you can is 13312 ( 4096 / 8 = 512 max per page, times

In theory, yes. SG_ALL (being 128 today) is limiting this value.


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