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Re: [Xen-devel] [Patch v3 1/1] Add Odroid-XU (Exynos5410)


On 18/08/14 17:21, Suriyan Ramasami wrote:
I would rename S5P_PA_SYSRAM and EXYNOS5_* to something specific to exynos
5250. It would make clear that new platform should use the device tree to
get information.

I shall rename S5P_PA_SYSRAM to EXYNOS5250_PA_SYSRAM.
Do you also want me to rename the other ones, like EXYNOS5_MCT_*
defines in the exynos5.h header file as well?

You are using EXYNOS5_MCT_* on both board so I don't think you have to rename it. The best things would be using the device tree rather than an hardcoded value.

But it's not the scope of this patch :).

If so, do you want me to get rid of exynos5.h and dump all the defines
in exynos5.c ?

It would be nice but not necessary for this patch.


Julien Grall

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