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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH V2 05/12] replace split_value() with truncate_string()

>>> Roy Franz <roy.franz@xxxxxxxxxx> 08/19/14 1:38 AM >>>
>I've spent a little time prototyping what you are suggesting, and I
>think I should be able
>to have a patchset in reasonable shape in time for the 4.5 freeze.
>This will require more extensive
>changes to the x86 code than my previous patchset, but most of it
>appears to be benign re-ordering
>of various bits of code to bring blocks of arch specific code
>together.  I don't have an EFI based x86 system
>to test on, which makes me a bit nervous about this.

If (almost) all you do is code movement, and if you at least have a
build environment to test that part, I wouldn't be too nervous. Once
there is a final patch series, I could certainly see to help trying it
out before committing (just please be sure to have a small note in
there to lower the chances that I forget).

>I will be at LinuxCon this week (arriving Tuesday evening, through
>Sat.), and it would be great if we could find some time to
>chat about this in person.

Well, I'm supposedly tied up all Wednesday morning and will then
soon be heading to the airport. So the only reasonable chance would
be right after the dev meeting, which is expected to end around 1pm.


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