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[Xen-devel] Running android on Dom U. on ARM Cubieboard2.


I have been able to setup Linux running on Dom 0 and DomU on my ARM
Cubieboard 2.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, my aim is to run 2 simultaneous images of
Android : 1 in Dom 0  and other in Dom U.

When I google ,what I see is the only presentation from Samsung
showing two Android's running simultaneously. But no other open source
contribution which can help me to proceed further. for eg.
contributions to paravitualized drivers which will help to run Android
on Dom U.

On CubieBoard2 I have a stock Android which I am able to run in Dom 0.
Now I want to understand, is it possible to run unmodified Android on
Dom U (full virtualization) or it will require patching
(par-virtualization). Is there any links or resources in this
direction, which I may be missing.

Also found this line in one of the Stefano's presentation :" Android
is based on the Linux kernel â Jelly Bean uses Linux 3.4, when it
updates to 3.7 will get Xen on ARM support out of the box . So it
means, I should not need much of an effort to use/port Android on Dom
U (no new drivers will be needed for PV drivers for network, block,
console, etc.)
. Is my understanding right here ?

Sorry for this basic question, but just want to understand whether
from this point I am on my own or still there are some resources which
I may be missing which can help me to progress further. Want to
utilize in best possible manner whatever is already available and then
contribute from there on.

Anshul Makkar

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