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Re: [Xen-devel] Support for VMEbus in Xen

On Wed, 13 Aug 2014, Paul Manners wrote:
> Good day,Â
> I apologize in advance should this be way off topic for this list. ÂI have 
> tried the Xen users
> group and haven't got anywhere, realising this is somewhat more specialised 
> than I initially
> thought.Â
> I'd like to know if it is possible to expose VMEbus functionality on a Xen 
> guest? ÂI have spent
> a lot of time digging around the Xen source code and online documentation (as 
> well as Google)
> but cannot find any specific reference to this. ÂWhile VMEbus appears to be 
> in the Linux kernel
> it does not seem that the driver is exposed though the PCI side leading me to 
> believe it is not
> possible to use PCI pass-though. Â
> If my analysis so far is correct, is it even possible to provide this kind of 
> functionality and
> if so would you be able to give me an idea of effort estimates? ÂA very short 
> and outdated
> thread I found indicated that it may be possible to use memory mapping to 
> expose the VMEbus
> driver on PCI. ÂThis sounded like a reasonable and fairly clean solution but 
> whether it worked
> or not wasn't clear.
> I would think there are quite a few use cases for this although obviously 
> it's quite
> specialised and may not have broad appeal. ÂAny feedback or pointers to 
> further reference
> material would be greatly appreciated.Â

Hello Paul,
the only type of device assignment that is supported out of the box (on
x86) without having to dig too deep into technicalities is PCI
Xen supports remapping one ore more generic MMIO regions and one or more
interrupts into a guest, by passing irqs= and iomem= in the VM config
file, see man xl.cfg for more info.
Could you use those options to get VMEbus running into a guest?


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