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Re: [Xen-devel] Duplicated arch_gnttab_init breaks the arm64 kernel build

On Aug 13, 2014, at 10:04, Chen Baozi <baozich@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi David & Konrad, 
> The current upstream kernel fails to build with Xen support because of 
> duplicated
> arch_gnttab_init() definition:
>  CC      arch/arm64/xen/../../arm/xen/grant-table.o
> arch/arm64/xen/../../arm/xen/grant-table.c:53:5: error: conflicting types for 
> ‘arch_gnttab_init’
> int arch_gnttab_init(unsigned long nr_shared, unsigned long nr_status)
>     ^
> arch/arm64/xen/../../arm/xen/grant-table.c:48:5: note: previous definition of 
> ‘arch_gnttab_init’ was here
> int arch_gnttab_init(unsigned long nr_shared)
>     ^
> make[1]: *** [arch/arm64/xen/../../arm/xen/grant-table.o] Error 1
> make: *** [arch/arm64/xen] Error 2
> I looked through the current upstream kernel tree. It looks like 
> arch_gnttab_init()
> is still be called in the older fashion (int arch_gnttab_init(unsigned long 
> nr_shared)).
> So I doubt if the b7dd0e3 at this stage of time?

According to

$ git grep arch_gnttab_init
arch/arm/xen/grant-table.c:int arch_gnttab_init(unsigned long nr_shared)
arch/arm/xen/grant-table.c:int arch_gnttab_init(unsigned long nr_shared, 
unsigned long nr_status)
arch/x86/xen/grant-table.c:int arch_gnttab_init(unsigned long nr_shared)
drivers/xen/grant-table.c:      ret = arch_gnttab_init(max_nr_grant_frames);
include/xen/grant_table.h:int arch_gnttab_init(unsigned long nr_shared);

Is it appropriate if just making a patch to delete the
 arch_gnttab_init(unsigned long nr_shared, unsigned long nr_status) in

> Cheers,
> Baozi

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