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Re: [Xen-devel] [BUG] Spontaneous reboot loading dom0 for first time after cold boot

On 12/08/14 12:12, Peter Kay wrote:
> What's the procedure for diagnosing xen boot issues if it doesn't manage to 
> load dom0?
> The first time xen loads following a cold boot the xen hypervisor boots but 
> there is a spontaneous reboot immediately prior to dom0 loading. Subsequent 
> reboots work fine.
> This used to be fine a few months back. Unstable code from at least a week 
> back till a couple of nights ago exhibits the issue.
> Platform : SH3210SHLC 3210 chipset with a Q6700 running Debian Wheezy and 
> kernel 3.16. Pretty certain I also exhibited the issue with
> This issue does not occur with a non xen boot using the same kernel
> Any advice welcome
> PK

Best would be to get serial set up, and use "com1=115200,8n1" on the Xen
command line. 

Failing that, "console=vga noreboot" might show a stack trace on the screen.


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