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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v3 1/2] x86/mem_event: Deliver gla fault EPT violation information

>>> On 08.08.14 at 10:36, <tamas.lengyel@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I actually disagree here because there is still a slight difference between
> the Intel and AMD implementation. In Intel's case gla_fault is only
> available iff gla_valid is set. AMD doesn't have gla_valid. So in the
> abstracted code, having gla_fault 0 could mean potentially different
> things. That's certainly not good for abstraction. The AMD side could set
> gla_valid = 1 if either if their two-bits that we will aggregate into
> gla_fault is set, but without actually providing a gla.. and that could
> lead to its own set of problems. So if we want to keep the bit aggregated
> in gla_fault, we would need a bool_t gla_fault_valid.... which is just
> going back to square one of having two bool_t fields as this patch does
> already.

Hmm, the question is of what use the fault kind is when you don't
get passed the GLA. I.e. part of the problem may be a naming one:
"gla_fault" clearly implies a connection to there being a GLA.


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