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Re: [Xen-devel] building xen activated arm kernel for Tegra k1

On 01/08/14 19:34, burak sarac wrote:
Dear all,


  I just get my Jetson Tegra k1 and was planning to try out Xen on it.
It has a 3.10 kernel with Ubuntu 14.04. Also I have downloaded kernel
source. I am quite new on kernel building but I have done before via
menuconfig for additional modules. My question is; as I have already
source and .config from Nvidia do you think below guide would be enough
for me to rebuild kernel for arm?


This is a good start for building the kernel. Although, some options may not work/exist on ARM such as:

- *X86* of course :)
- all tmem support (I don't even know if someone tried to use it on ARM)

I will see if we can update this page during the next document day for ARM.

You can also give a look to the xen wiki page about ARM. It will give you some tips about building Xen and debugging guest kernel.


If something is missing or you have an issue that you don't understand, just let us know.


Julien Grall

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