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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC v2 2/4] x86/mem_access: mem_access and mem_event changes to support PV domains

>That's very hard to tell: What we care about is maximum processing time for
>an individual hypercall (or non-preemptible portion thereof).
>Hence you could either take a low enough guessed value that all of us are
>convince won't cause any problems, or come up with a more or less
>sophisticated formula that _you_ would need to prove is never going to cause
>any problems. I can only repeat what I (perhaps indirectly) stated before: You
>want the new feature, so it's going to be primarily you to solve the problems
>associated with it. We're there to help where possible, but as far as I'm
>concerned if I don't offer an alternative suggestion right away then this 
>is because I can't think of one. Beyond that our primary role here is to avoid
>new code causing damage or introducing (security or
>other) risks.

I agree with your viewpoint. Sorry if I have bugged you for too much help. 
Thanks for taking the time to review and provide feedback. Let me try solving 
these problems and I will post more patches.


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