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Re: [Xen-devel] Rebooting domu fails in nfs share exported from another domu on the same dom0

On 16/07/14 21:36, annie li wrote:
> Hi
> I hit a problem in such scenario: vm1 is running and export nfs service,
> dom0 mount this nfs, and vm2 is booted in this nfs location. vm1 and vm2
> are running on the same dom0.
> When this bug happens, the data flow is:  vm2 blkfront-> vm2 blkback->
> loop -> nfs file -> nfs client -> bridge priv1 -> vm1 vif -> vm1 netback
> -> vm1 netfront.
> In above data flow, nfs implements direct io, blkfront and blkback uses
> grantmap. This makes page mapping works well through vm2 blkfront to vm1
> netback. However, when netback does grant copy, the error happens in
> this routine:
> __gnttab_copy->__get_paged_frame->get_page_from_gfn->get_page.
> See /xen/arch/x86/mm.c get_page(),
>     if ( likely(owner == domain) )
>         return 1;
> In above if condition, the src page is from vm2, so owner is id of vm2,
> domain is 0 here. Then get_page return 0, hence get_page_from_gfn return
> NULL and __get_paged_frame return GNTST_bad_page. Finally, put_page is
> called in __grant_copy directly and grant copy fails in netback. As a
> result, writing to nfsfile fails and this results damage to nfsfile,
> then vm can not be rebooted successfully.
> Disable the nfs direct io can be a workaround, however, this will cause
> performance penalty. Or any copy is involved between vm2 blkfront->vm1
> netback probably helps in this case. But zerocopy is the best thing for
> performance, so any suggestions for this issue?

I planned (eventually) for foreign struct page's for grant mapped frames
to be marked as such and then the gref and original domain accessible.
The netback specific code for dealing with foreign pages could then be
made generic.

The difficultly lies in extending struct page without actually making it
bigger and without adding Xen-specific fields into it...

Other alternatives I explored were using the guest mapping to copy
to/from instead of having to use the grant ref to find the page.  But
page sharing etc. made this look like a nightmare.


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