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[Xen-devel] compiling xen 4.5 with ovmf fails

gcc -O -I. -I../support/set -I../h -DUSER_ZZSYN -DZZLEXBUFSIZE=65536 Â -c -o automata.o automata.c
gcc -O -I. -I../support/set -I../h -DUSER_ZZSYN -DZZLEXBUFSIZE=65536 -o ./dlg dlg_p.o dlg_a.o main.o err.o set.o support.o output.o relabel.o automata.o
make[10]: Leaving directory '/root/xen-git/src/xen-build/tools/firmware/ovmf-dir-remote/BaseTools/Source/C/VfrCompile/Pccts/dlg'
Pccts/dlg/dlg -C2 -i -CC -cl VfrLexer -o . VfrParser.dlg
dlg ÂVersion 1.33MR33 Â 1989-2001

g++ Â-I Pccts/h -I .. -I ../Include/Common -I ../Include/ -I ../Include/IndustryStandard -I ../Common/ -I .. -I . -I ../Include/X64/ Â -c -o VfrLexer.o VfrLexer.cpp
g++ -c -DPCCTS_USE_NAMESPACE_STD -I Pccts/h -I .. -I ../Include/Common -I ../Include/ -I ../Include/IndustryStandard -I ../Common/ -I .. -I . -I ../Include/X64/ Â VfrSyntax.cpp -o VfrSyntax.o
g++ Â-I Pccts/h -I .. -I ../Include/Common -I ../Include/ -I ../Include/IndustryStandard -I ../Common/ -I .. -I . -I ../Include/X64/ Â -c -o VfrFormPkg.o VfrFormPkg.cpp
g++ Â-I Pccts/h -I .. -I ../Include/Common -I ../Include/ -I ../Include/IndustryStandard -I ../Common/ -I .. -I . -I ../Include/X64/ Â -c -o VfrError.o VfrError.cpp
VfrError.cpp: In member function 'UINT8 CVfrErrorHandle::HandleWarning(EFI_VFR_WARNING_CODE, UINT32, CHAR8*)':
VfrError.cpp:280:72: warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to 'CHAR8* {aka char*}' [-Wwrite-strings]
  ÂError (FileName, FileLine, 0x2220, "warning treated as error", NULL);
g++ Â-I Pccts/h -I .. -I ../Include/Common -I ../Include/ -I ../Include/IndustryStandard -I ../Common/ -I .. -I . -I ../Include/X64/ Â -c -o VfrUtilityLib.o VfrUtilityLib.cpp
g++ Â-I Pccts/h -I .. -I ../Include/Common -I ../Include/ -I ../Include/IndustryStandard -I ../Common/ -I .. -I . -I ../Include/X64/ Â -c -o VfrCompiler.o VfrCompiler.cpp
g++ -o ../bin/VfrCompile ÂAParser.o DLexerBase.o ATokenBuffer.o EfiVfrParser.o VfrLexer.o VfrSyntax.o VfrFormPkg.o VfrError.o VfrUtilityLib.o VfrCompiler.o -L../libs -lCommon
make[9]: Leaving directory '/root/xen-git/src/xen-build/tools/firmware/ovmf-dir-remote/BaseTools/Source/C/VfrCompile'
Finished building BaseTools C Tools with ARCH=X64
make[8]: Leaving directory '/root/xen-git/src/xen-build/tools/firmware/ovmf-dir-remote/BaseTools/Source/C'
make -C Source/Python
make[8]: Entering directory '/root/xen-git/src/xen-build/tools/firmware/ovmf-dir-remote/BaseTools/Source/Python'
make[8]: Nothing to be done for 'all'.
make[8]: Leaving directory '/root/xen-git/src/xen-build/tools/firmware/ovmf-dir-remote/BaseTools/Source/Python'
make -C Tests
make[8]: Entering directory '/root/xen-git/src/xen-build/tools/firmware/ovmf-dir-remote/BaseTools/Tests'
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "RunTests.py", line 22, in <module>
  import TestTools
 File "/root/xen-git/src/xen-build/tools/firmware/ovmf-dir-remote/BaseTools/Tests/TestTools.py", line 87
  print description, '(base64 encoded):'
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
GNUmakefile:17: recipe for target 'test' failed
make[8]: *** [test] Error 1
Any patch
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