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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] x86/hvm: implement save/restore for posted interrupts

Olaf Hering wrote on 2014-07-18:
> On Thu, Jul 17, Zhang, Yang Z wrote:
>> Olaf Hering wrote on 2014-07-17:
>>> I can probably do that. And I think initially I just changed
>>> lapic_save_regs, which was not enough. I think in the end the
>>> reason is that with posted irqs the code paths are different and
>>> just having IRR set is not enough.
>> It doesn't make sense. PIR is more like a tmp_IRR. All interrupts
>> pending in PIR will finally sync to IRR by hardware. In your case,
>> you already record it in IRR, it should be enough.  The problem I am
>> seeing is that the eoi_exit_bitmap need to be setup correct after
>> migration, please try attached patch to see whether it solves your
>> problem:
> No, this patch does not work for me. Does it work for you?

I cannot reproduce this issue in my side. It still need your help to figure out 

> Olaf

Best regards,

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