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Re: [Xen-devel] stubdom/libxc-x86_64 compile error with valgrind installed

On 21/07/14 11:00, Simon Martin wrote:
> Hello all,
> I  am building on Debian Wheezy and I have valgrind installed. About a
> month ago I started having compilation problems. I assume it must have
> something to do with Andrew's valgrind patch of June 10th.
> The problem seems to lie in the fact that valgrind is in /usr/include,
> however -nostdinc is specified on the compilation so we don't get it.
> I  removed  -nostdinc from stubdom/Makefile and it compiled correctly.
> Reading  the  gcc documentation this *should* be safe, as it will only
> search   the   default   directories   *after*  the  explicit  include
> directories. That being said, there is probably a better fix for this.
> Regards.

The problem is that stubdoms are blindly using the regular environment
config.h without reconfiguring libxc for their reduced environment.

As a result, config.h is correctly stating that memcheck.h exists in the
regular environment, even when it is included into the reduced stubdom

While removing -nostdinc does fix your problem, it is not the correct
fix.  memcheck.h is safe to use in this instance, but most header files
you find in /usr/include are not.

I am not sure what is the correct solution here is.  Introducing an
explicit --{en,dis}able-valgrind to the main ./configure will still
break for anyone who chooses to enable it.  I suspect a fix involves
someone draining the swamp which is the stubdom build system.


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