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Re: [Xen-devel] Trying to unmap invalid handle! pending_idx: @ drivers/net/xen-netback/netback.c:998 causes kernel panic/reboot


On 17/07/14 21:17, Zoltan Kiss wrote:

I've just submitted 2 patch series to xen-devel, one is for the net tree
(with multiqueue) and one for 3.15. I believe the first two patch in the
series should address this problem, the another two is for related
problems. Armin, can you test all four of them together?



p.s.: if you have the test setup running with increased loglevel, it
would be good to see the result of that, as it can confirm that it is
the problem I've solved in those patches

I'll compile the patches at next week, and I'll post the test results.

It's a live service, not a developers' playground, so its make the testing harder. We've moved back to 3.10.43-11 from the Xen4CentOS repository, instead of using a self-compiled kernel. The problem has been solved (I think), no crash over 5 days.

BEfore we're moving back the problematic VMs to the old kernel, we've cloned 2 of them, and running them on a HV, that runs the 3.15 kernel, with debug logging enabled. These VMs produced only one HV crash after the cloning, but we had no usable logs. It happened at night, and we were contiously getting very high load alerts from the HV, and after some minutes we've lost the connection to it, and to every VM on it. We've check it via KVM, and we found it continously posting the Draining TX queue message for all vifs. We only can do a hard reset on it, the logs were remain intact, no releated log entry have found in them. The netconsole module remained useless too, no messages has been forwarded after the _crash_.

So I'll apply your patches, and wait a week or two.

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