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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 0/4] xen: arm: various improvements to boot time page table handling

Since v2 I've made it correctly handle being loaded at exactly 2M (so
virt == phys on boot) and made a few cleanups.

I've also tested with various offsets from the base of RAM:
        0x00200000 (2M)
        0x40000000 (1G)
        0x40200000 (1G+2M)
        0x80000000 (2G)
        0x80400000 (2G+4M)
        0x80401000 (2G+4M+2K)

On Midway (RAM starts at 0) and XGene (RAM starts at 256G). I think this
covers the interesting cases at each level except the zeroeth where I
have no hardware to test anything other than mappings in slot 0. I also
couldn't test virt==phys on 64 bit since I've no such systems with RAM
at 0.


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