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[Xen-devel] Live Snapshot problem: Xen 4.4+ with qcow2 disk

Hi all,
    Today, I tried to test whether Live Snapshot schema can be adopted to qemu-xen with qcow2 disk image as
what we do with qemu-xen-traditional using vhd disk image.
    My live snapshot procedure is as follow:
( my vm1 is currently running with qcow2 disk file 1.qcow2 ) 
 1. xl pause vm1
 2. mv 1.qcow2 snap.qcow2
 3. qemu-img create  -b snap.qcow2 -f qcow2 1.qcow2
 4. xl unpause vm1
   However, as I unpaused vm1, the write operation still went to snap.qcow2 instead of  the newly created snapshot file 1.qcow2.
I remember that xen 4.0 also had similar problem if we did vhd live snapshot, and the problem was fixed in xen 4.1.
   My question is : whether the failure of making live qcow2 snapshot is a known bug, or  whether I've missed some key operations to make it work.

Best Regards

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