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Re: [Xen-devel] live migration between xen 4.0 and xen 4.3

Ian Campbell wrote on 2014-07-16:
> On Wed, 2014-07-16 at 07:49 +0000, Zhang, Yang Z wrote:
>> Hi all
>> Is it possible to live migration between xen 4.0 which using xend to
>> xen 4.3
> which using xl?
> It has never been supported to make such a large leap with any
> toolstack. We have only ever supported N->N+1 migration. It might have
> worked for some specific release combinations by chance but it's not 
> guaranteed.

Thanks for your explanation. So you mean I can achieve it by migrate the VM 
from Xen 4.0->Xen 4.1-> Xen 4.2 ->Xen 4.3? And successfully to migrate VM from 
xm toolstack to xl toolstack?

BTW, I think it is really important feature to cloud vendor since they want to 
upgrade their Xen to a certain version not N+1. Maybe we can take it into 
consider in future release.

>> I remember for xend, we need to set the xend-config.sxp correctly to
>> support live migration. Is this required by xl also?
> xl doesn't need any specific configuration beyond ensuring you can ssh
> from source to target (or using the xl migrate option to provide a
> different transport)
> Ian.

Best regards,

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