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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC PATCH v2 0/7] Repurpose SEDF Scheduler for Real-time Use

> However, the biggest problem of SEDF is its poor support for SMP, and
> lack of capability for setting scheduling parameters on a per-VCPU
> basis, which this series (rightfully) does not address.
> Imagine if, after proper review and cleanups, the set of changes from
> this series goes in, and no other follow up series makes it by feature
> freeze, 4.5 will have:
>  - SCHED_SEDF deprecated, because it was lacking SMP support and support
>    for per-VCPU scheduling parameters
>  - SCHED_CBS, _lacking_ SMP support and support for per-VCPU scheduling 
>    parameters
> Not ideal. :-/

(With release manager hat on)

Actually I would think it is OK. In terms of X feature count at this
point of time (T) and on 4.5 feature freeze day (T-RC0) if the number of
features is greater or equal we are OK.

What is bad if the amount of features on T-RC0 is less than now (so say
X-1 features). That is not the case.

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