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[Xen-devel] QXL problem: Xen 4.4.1 rc1 and xen 4.5 unstable

Hi all,
Firstly please forgive me if I put this problem in the wrong mail list.
However, it seems that xen-users mail list cannot resolve this QXL problems. Therefore, I have to post QXL problem in devel mail list.
My problem is as follow:
I'm testing QXL for windows HVM, spice works well with stdvga.
However, when I switch to QXL, qemu exit abnormally:
I specify vga="qxl" and videoram=128, using qemu-xen. The windows 7 boots and automatially switch resolution for me in virt-viewer.
While display and sound transfering very well, if I change display resolution, the virt-viewer will be suddenly closed and
I check the physical server, the qemu process disappear simultaneously.
Then I switch to wheezy backport qemu 2.0 as device model, the qemu process will exit as soon as the welcome page appears and at the beginning of resolution change.
I tested and found the same bug on both xenbits xen 4.4.1 rc1 and Fantu's Xen 4.5 unstable, this problem exists in both branches.
Is it a known issue or is there any solution for this bug?
Thank you very much!
Best Regards,


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