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[Xen-devel] [PATCHv1 0/2] xen-pciback: allow device reset to work more often

When a PCI device is passed through to a different domain, it must be
reset to ensure it works correctly in the new domain.  Usually the
toolstack will request a device reset via the "reset" sysfs file.  But
this file is not present if a function reset is not available.

A common use case is a GPU device and its associated audio function.
In the case where these two devices are simultaneously co-assigned to
the same domain, it is safe to reset them with an SBR.

Patch #1 export pci_probe_reset_function() so pciback can know if an
alternate reset mechanism needs to be proved.

Patch #2 adds a "reset" file to devices bound to pciback that performs
the SBR if it is safe to do so.


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