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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v6 0/13] Migration Stream v2

On 07/07/14 18:37, Andrew Cooper wrote:
> The next area of work is the libxl integration, which will seek to undo the
> current layering violations.  It will involve introducing a new libxl framing
> format (which will happen to look curiously similar to the libxc framing
> format), as well as providing legacy compatibility using the legacy conversion
> scripts so migrations from older libxl/libxc toolstacks will continue to work.

I think the xl/libxl work is orthogonal to this libxc work.  If the
libxl maintainers are keen on addressing similar problems with the libxl
stream protocol then perhaps they could volunteer?  It seems somewhat
unfair to require people fixing a related area in libxc to also do this

The two problem areas between libxl and libxc are:

1. qemu save record processed by the libxc restore code -- this is an
internal implementation detail that has no impact on the save record format.

2. The TOOLSTACK record.  I think it would be acceptable to leave this
for now and deprecate it once it becomes unnecessary.  It's only a minor


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