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Re: [Xen-devel] Consuming PCI device in PV kernel

Thanks Konrad,

>> The  next  challenge  is  writing  directly to an Ethernet NIC. I have
>> imported  this  into  my guest domain using PCI passthrough, however I
>> can't   find   any  documentation  on where to go from there. Is there
>> any documentation for this?

> As in doing what? Writting to the MMIO region of the Ethernet NIC?
> Take a look at Intel's DPDK.

Interesting  link,  and I will need it in the future, however my first
hurdle  is  enumerating  and  then  mapping  the PCI device into my PV
domain.  I  am  reading through the Linux kernel initialisation at the
moment to see how it gains access to PCI devices.

I  can  see  the  PCI  device references in the Xenstore, but am still
working out how to go from that data to an available PCI device in the
PV domain.


Best regards,
 Simon                            mailto:furryfuttock@xxxxxxxxx

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