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Re: [Xen-devel] Python 3 support

On 07/07/14 01:11, Alex Xu wrote:
> Is there any Python 3 support planned? 

That would be great, but I have heard nothing of such plans.

> I would like to write my libxl scripts in Python 3 instead of 2.
> I tried porting Xen manually using such blunt instruments as 2to3 -w,
> but encountered obvious difficulties due to the complexity of the code.

I have chosen to use Xen libxenlight, libxenstore and libxenctrl
directly through the 'ctypes' module from my Python 3 applications (I
made some custom wrappers). It is not the most elegant solution and
requires careful updates for any new major Xen version, but works and
can sometimes provide more or better functionality than the Python
modules included with the Xen distribution (they are not very actively

Unfortunately, any upstream Xen Python utilities still depend on Python
2, so it may be hard to have a Xen system free of the old Python


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