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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCHv6 0/8] tools: rework VM Generation ID

>Very odd. Nothing around this ought to be conditional and
>xc_hvm_param_get works for everything else on ARM it seems.
>Plus xc_get_hvm_param and xc_hvm_param_get are defined right next to
>each other with no cpp magic anywhere near them.
>My guess would be that the compiler is picking up some system version of
>xenctrl.h instead of the one in tools/libxc. It really shouldn't be though!
>I cross built your patch on current staging and it was OK for me, so I guess 
>it is
>something strange in your chroot. I think I'd start from "find $chroot -name
>xenctrl.h" and work from there.
>But, given that it works for me and it looks sensible I don't mind if you send 
>untested on ARM this time around.

I blew my chroot away and rebuilt it before I saw your reply. I am now able to 
compile. Sorry for the noise.


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