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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC PATCH v2] Implement Batched (group) ticket lock

For baremetal we continue to have 'fully fair ticketlock' with this patch

But but but, we're looking at removing ticket locks. So why do we want
to invest in them now?

I have nothing against qspinlock. I am happy to test it/add any bit to it if I could.

With this patch we get excellent performance for guest with the
unmodified kernel without affecting host.

My test on guest with batch_size =16,32 showed even better performance
              bs=16      bs=32
 ebizzy_0.5x   0.14       0.90
 ebizzy_1.0x   3.57       7.52
 ebizzy_1.5x  58.97      67.65
 ebizzy_2.0x 121.55     136.45

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