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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 00/11] tools, build: Build xenstore in rump kernel

These miscellaneous build system and tools patches make it possible to
build libxc and libxenstore in the NetBSD Xen rump kernel environment.

   01/11 xenstore: Use $(PTHREAD_LIBS) not -lpthread
   02/11 xenstore: In xenstore_client, avoid stack buffer in recursive function
   03/11 rump kernels: Start introducing new XEN_OS NetBSDRump
   04/11 libxc: rump kernels: Use standard xc_osdep_get_info
   05/11 xenstore: rump kernels: Look for /dev/xen/xenbus
   06/11 xenstore: Make building of xenstored optional
   07/11 build system: Introduce INSTALL_SHLIB and SYMLINK_SHLIB
   08/11 build system: Introduce libextension variable
   09/11 build system: Introduce nosharedlibs variable.
   10/11 rump kernels: Handle rumpxen host in configure
   11/11 tools/Makefile: Build only a subset of things for rump kernels

With these patches and the corresponding rumpuser-xen series (just
pushed) it is possible to build parts of the Xen management tools.

   .../rumpuser-xen/app-tools/rumpuserxen-app-configure ./configure
   .../rumpuser-xen/app-tools/rumpuserxen-app-make make -j4 tools
yields a xenstore client utility in xen.git/tools/xenstore/xenstore.

Running that utility with an xl config file containing
   extra="ls -fp device"
gives the expected listing of the domain's xenstore device subtree.
I have also done some (rather minimal) testing of watches.

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