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Re: [Xen-devel] Archiving PVOPS and Xen on ARM as stand-alone subprojects

On Fri, 27 Jun 2014, Lars Kurth wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was wondering how the community feels if we retired
>  *  http://xenproject.org/developers/teams/pvops.html
>  *  http://xenproject.org/developers/teams/arm-hypervisor.html
> as stand-alone subprojects of the Xen Projects in line 
> withttp://xenproject.org/governance.html (see 
> http://xenproject.org/governance.html
> - Archivation Review). I had already discussed with Stefano and Konrad and 
> they believe this is a good idea. I have also raised the at the
> last Advisory Board meeting and the feedback was that this is a good, idea if 
> we craft the messaging around this correctly as to not to
> cause confusion.
> Why Archive these subprojects?
> * The goal of both subprojects was to establish Xen support in Linux and ARM 
> support in the Hypervisor in the upstream projects
> * This clearly has been achieved, so it is not necessary any more to keep 
> these around as separate supbrojects
> * Xen support is firmly established as part of Linux kernel releases
> * ARM support is firmly established as part of the Hypervisor
> What does it NOT mean?
> * Development of Xen in Linux would not stop - we merely treat it as part of 
> upstream development (which is what we have de-facto today)
> * Development of Xen on ARM would not stop - we merely treat it as part of 
> upstream development (which again is the de-facto status today)
> * We already retired separate mailing lists and PR tends to be handled as 
> part of the upstream development. The main impact is that two
> xenproject.org pages would either disappear, become smaller or become merged 
> with (or subpages) of
> http://xenproject.org/developers/teams/hypervisor.html
> What are the next step?
> * Consultation (this mail)
> * Make an archivation proposal
> * Formal vote
> * Craft a positive messaging as part of a momentum press release : the 
> message would be that we are making progress, that our governance
> model works and we can tie it up with the creation of say the PV driver 
> project. In other words, the project is evolving and addressing
> issues.
> Any views?

+1 on archiving

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