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[Xen-devel] Add XEN pvSCSI support

This series adds XEN pvSCSI support. With pvSCSI it is possible to use physical
SCSI devices from a XEN domain.

The support consists of a backend in the privileged Domain-0 doing the real
I/O and a frontend in the unprivileged domU passing I/O-requests to the backend.

The code is taken (and adapted) from the original pvSCSI implementation done
for Linux 2.6 in 2008 by Fujitsu.

[PATCH 1/4] Add XEN pvSCSI protocol description
[PATCH 2/4] Introduce xen-scsifront module
[PATCH 3/4] Introduce XEN scsiback module
[PATCH 4/4] add xen pvscsi maintainer

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