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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC OSSTEST 7/9] Toolstack: Abstract away migration support check.

On Tue, 2014-06-24 at 21:18 -0600, Jim Fehlig wrote:

> Something like the attached patch (compile-tested only).  You'll need an
> updated libvirt.git master to apply cleanly.

Thanks. Building on ARM I get:

libxl/libxl_driver.c:4346:1: error: 'libxlDomainMigrateBegin3Params' defined 
but not used [-Werror=unused-function]
libxl/libxl_driver.c:4384:1: error: 'libxlDomainMigratePrepare3Params' defined 
but not used [-Werror=unused-function]
libxl/libxl_driver.c:4433:1: error: 'libxlDomainMigratePerform3Params' defined 
but not used [-Werror=unused-function]
libxl/libxl_driver.c:4488:1: error: 'libxlDomainMigrateFinish3Params' defined 
but not used [-Werror=unused-function]
libxl/libxl_driver.c:4539:1: error: 'libxlDomainMigrateConfirm3Params' defined 
but not used [-Werror=unused-function]

The fixup is obvious (I didn't bother with commit message etc since I
expect you'll want to fold it in):

commit 69606cdba69afdd5e2eea0096596ae3beaa34890
Author: Ian Campbell <ian.campbell@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Wed Jun 25 11:48:45 2014 +0100


diff --git a/src/libxl/libxl_driver.c b/src/libxl/libxl_driver.c
index f90bf64..03d397e 100644
--- a/src/libxl/libxl_driver.c
+++ b/src/libxl/libxl_driver.c
@@ -4342,6 +4342,7 @@ libxlNodeDeviceReset(virNodeDevicePtr dev)
     return ret;
 static char *
 libxlDomainMigrateBegin3Params(virDomainPtr domain,
                                virTypedParameterPtr params,
@@ -4561,7 +4562,7 @@ libxlDomainMigrateConfirm3Params(virDomainPtr domain,
     return libxlDomainMigrationConfirm(driver, vm, flags, cancelled);
+#endif /* ifndef LIBXL_HAVE_NO_SUSPEND_RESUME */
 static virDriver libxlDriver = {
     .no = VIR_DRV_LIBXL,

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