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[Xen-devel] [RFC PATCH 00/11] mini-os: xenbus changes for rump kernels

I have been working on a facility for the NetBSD-based rump kernels to
allow programs to make xenstore queries using libxenstore.  IMO the
best way to do this is to provide a working /dev/xen/xenbus.  I have
achieved this, and will be submitting the results to the rump kernel

However, mini-os's xenbus driver was not suited to properly
multiplexing and ordering requests from multiple callers, and some of
the mini-os headers were a bit hostile towards the NetBSD kernel
environment the see when they are #included from a rump kernel device
driver component.  So I had to make some changes to minios.

The rump kernel project has its own fork of minios (although the
divergence is reasonably limited).  So my changes to minios are
actually changes to rumpuser-xen's fork of minios.

But before I ask the rump kernel developers to pull my nontrivial
changes, I felt I should give the Xen community a chance to object.
Hence this RFC series.

The code including my complete working branch of rumpuser-xen is also
available here:
in the commits
or via gitweb:

The changes I would like Xen community review for are these:

  01/11 mini-os: Make some headers more rumpkernel-friendly
  02/11 mini-os: Provide <mini-os/queue.h>
  03/11 mini-os/xenbus: Add missing locks to xb_write
  04/11 mini-os/xenbus: Change type of xenbus_event_queue
  05/11 mini-os/xenbus: Use MINIOS_LIST for the list of watches
  06/11 mini-os/xenbus: Rename xenbus_events to xenbus_default_watch_queue
  07/11 mini-os/xenbus: Unify watch and reply queues
  08/11 mini-os/xenbus: Expose lower-level interface
  09/11 mini-os/xenbus: Sort out request and watch locking
  10/11 mini-os/xenbus: Provide queue->wakeup hook
  11/11 mini-os/xenbus: Provide xenbus_free


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