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Re: [Xen-devel] Missed Stable backport? maybe [PATCH v2 0/4] xen-blk: bug fixes

On 20/06/14 16:32, Jason Andryuk wrote:
> Hi Roger,
> I'm seeing a crash on shutdown in xen_blkbk_unmap on 3.12.22.  kdb backtrace 
> below.  Could this be the shutdown race fixed by "[PATCH v2 3/4] xen-blkback: 
> fix shutdown race"?  That email does not provide the observed backtrace, so I 
> cannot compare.

Could be related, but you didn't provide the reason for the crash, just
the backtrace, have you tried applying those patches on top of your kernel?

> The cover letter for "[PATCH v2 0/4] xen-blk: bug fixes" <Message-Id: 
> 1391509575-3949-1-git-send-email-roger.pau@xxxxxxxxxx> mentions backport to 
> stable.  However, stable was not CC-ed and the patches seem to be missing 
> from linux-stable.  Was this just an oversight?

Yes, they are committed to upstream but not stable, I think they should
all be backported to stable (3.10 and 3.12 AFAICT).


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