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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFH]: AMD SVM #PF error code with P and RSVD bit....

>>> On 14.06.14 at 03:03, <mukesh.rathor@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I am trying to debug this triple fault bringing up PVH linux domU on
> AMD.
> Instruction:
> ffffffff81d2d976: 8:dmi_scan_machine+b7          mov (%r12),
> %rax r12: ffffffffff46e000
> This first causes #PF:
> (XEN) exitcode = 0x4e exitintinfo = 0
> (XEN) exitinfo1 = 0x9 exitinfo2 = 0xffffffffff46e000 
> erro_code == 0x9 => RSVD bit set. according to the APM:
>    RSVâBit 3. If this bit is set to 1, the page fault is a result
>    of the processor reading a 1 from a reserved field within a
>    page-translation-table entry. This type of page fault occurs only
>    when CR4.PSE=1 or CR4.PAE=1.
> My CR4 == 0x0000000000000060 == PAE MCE (Full vmcb below). 
> However, all PTEs seem OK, all NPT entries seem OK too.
> PTE entries (l4 thru L1):
> 0000000001c16067 0000000001c18067 0000000001e8d067 80000000000f0463 

EFER.NX is clear, and hence the NX bit on the L1 entry is wrong.

> P2M (L4 thru L1):
> 6000000102b75667 6000000102b74467 6000000102b7f267 6000000101a41067
> The P bit being set in error code doesn't make sense either.. 

I don't think this is surprising: All the levels have P set, so the fault
was clearly one on a present entry.


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