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[Xen-devel] Support upper case identifier in vm.cfg for xl?


It seems we only support `[a-z][._0-9a-z]*` as identifiers in vm.cfg for xl
and upper case letter is not supported. This is different from xm.

An use case is: management tools may put arbitrary key/value pairs into vm.cfg.
Current xl has limited support of this feature: xl will ignore unknown options.

I wonder whether we can make xl support uppercase letters? Then management
tools don't need to change if they already use upper letter identifiers.

Attached patch is a quick fix and seems working for me. Please help to comment 

1. Was there a specific reason not to support upper cases?
  (I know it's simple and if there's no xm, this design is the best.)

2. If we support upper case letters, will it affect other components?

2. Is this patch correct?

3. If we want this patch, someone (Ian J.?) also need to generate the in tree 
   libxlu_cfg_i.h and libxlu_cfg_l.c.



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