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Re: [Xen-devel] [Xen-Devel] [PATCH] [GSOC14] refactored mempaging code from xenpaging to libxc.

On 13/06/14 16:00, Dushyant Behl wrote:
>>> -CFLAGS += $(CFLAGS_libxenctrl) $(CFLAGS_libxenstore) $(PTHREAD_CFLAGS)
>>> -LDLIBS += $(LDLIBS_libxenctrl) $(LDLIBS_libxenstore) $(PTHREAD_LIBS)
>>> +CFLAGS += $(CFLAGS_libxenctrl) $(CFLAGS_libxenguest) $(CFLAGS_libxenstore) 
>>> +LDLIBS += $(LDLIBS_libxenctrl) $(LDLIBS_libxenguest) $(LDLIBS_libxenstore) 
>> You are not introducing any libxenstore calls into xenpaging.  This
>> change is bogus.
> Sorry but, I have only introduced libxenguest flags and libs, because
> the file xc_mem_paging_ring_setup.c which I have created is compiled
> into libxenguest, hence the dependency.
> libxenstore on the other hand was already present here because
> xenpaging.c has a used a lot of libxenstore calls.

Oh sorry - my mistake.  I misread that as an introduction of
libxenstore, whereas it is actually an insertion of libxenguest into the

That's fine then.


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