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Re: [Xen-devel] [Need Input] (informal) Automotive PV drivers subproject request

On 09/06/2014 14:12, Ian Jackson wrote:
Lars Kurth writes ("Re: [Xen-devel] [Need Input] (informal) Automotive PV drivers 
subproject request"):
As an aside,

it looks to me as if we were close enough to draft a subproject proposal
on the wiki. As far I can see we agreed on
* we need a subproject
I would just like to quibble with your pathnames.  I think that the
subproject should have its own subdirectory, which should contain all
of its repos.
I don't mind. I missed the convention you outlined


* we need an official xenbits.org/pvdrivers.git repo; it would also come
with its own mailing list if desired
* in addition we need integration branches for xen.git, linux.git,
pvdrivers.git - it appears that the consensus here is that we use the
same pattern as elsewhere
Rather, we should have:


(FSVO "automotive"; I currently have no opinion about the project
That would make sense. So we follow the convention xenbits.xen.org/<subproject name>/pvdrivers.git

However, if we allowed linux.git and xen.git in xenbits.xen.org/<subproject name>, it does increase the risk of creating a permanent fork (i.e. the main concerns raised by IanC, Stefano, etc.)

Cf xenbits.xen.org/xenclient/, xenbits.xen.org/kemari/,
xenbits.xen.org/xcp/, xenbits.xen.org/xenrt-citrix/ ...

NB these are mostly git url fragments, not http url fragments.  So eg
"xenbits.xen.org/xenrt-citrix/" contains "xenrt.git" which is
accessible via
   git clone git://xenbits.xen.org/xenrt-citrix/xenrt.git
(and also via the gitweb index etc.)

If it is helpful there is no technical reason why it would be
difficult to provide a subproject with a webtree on xenbits that would
be accessible via http://xenbits.xen.org/subproject/.  But we don't
want xenbits to be used for general-purpose web hosting.

AIUI this particular subproject doesn't have a requirement at this
stage for a separate web hosting setup.
I wasn't aware of it. And we don't need it

(aka the location for the staging branch is in xenbits.org/people).
Maybe with some mods, e.g. people/automotive/* instead of people/* -
although this is not yet finally agreed. There are still differing
opinions on naming.
I agree with Ian Campbell that we do not want subproject names in
people/.  That is strictly for human beings, and contains only
"unofficial" repos.


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