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Re: [Xen-devel] [v4][PATCH 2/5] xen, gfx passthrough: create intel isa bridge

Paolo Bonzini wrote on 2014-06-03:
> Il 30/05/2014 10:59, Tiejun Chen ha scritto:
>> +static int create_pch_isa_bridge(PCIBus *bus, XenHostPCIDevice *hdev)
>> +{
>> +    struct PCIDevice *dev;
>> +
>> +    char rid;
>> +
>> +    dev = pci_create(bus, PCI_DEVFN(0x1f, 0), "intel-pch-isa-bridge");
> This is really a huge hack.  You're going to have two ISA bridge devices
> in the machine, with the BIOS imagining that the "good" one is at 1f.0

Definitely. So how about expose a fake device at 00:1f.0 but not Isa Bridge? I 
have discussion with gfx driver developer, it is ok for them to check the 
device on 00:1f.0 no matter what device it is.

> and the ACPI tables actually describing the other one.  But the PCI
> device at 1f.0 remains there and a driver in the OS could catch it---not
> just intel_detect_pch---and if you want to add such a hack it should be
> done in the Xen management layers.
> If possible, the host bridge patches are even worse.  If you change the
> vendor and device ID while keeping the registers of the i440FX you're
> going to get conflicts or break firmware badly; TianoCore and SeaBIOS
> both expect the normal i440FX vendor and device IDs, for example.

I only see the class id is changed but not vendor and device id. 

> The hardcoded list of offsets is also not acceptable.  It is also not
> clear who is accessing the registers, whether the BIOS or the driver.
> For Linux, a cursory look at the driver shows that it only accesses
> 0x50/0x52 of the listed offsets, but also 0x44/0x48 ("MCH BAR"), what
> happens if that code path is encountered?

Will have a double check.

> The main problem with IGD passthrough is the incestuous (and that's a
> euphemism) relationship between the MCH, PCH and graphics driver.  It
> may make sense at the hardware level, but for virtualization it doesn't.
>   A virt-specific driver for GPU command passthrough (with aid from the
> kernel driver, but abstracting all the MCH/PCH-dependent details) would
> make much more sense.

Agree. But it is too hard.

> It's really not your fault, there's not much you can do given the
> hardware architecture.  But I don't think this code can be accepted
> upstream, sorry.
> Paolo

Best regards,

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