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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v4 13/16] xen/arm: Add support for GIC v3

On 03/06/14 09:54, Ian Campbell wrote:
On Mon, 2014-06-02 at 18:33 +0100, Stefano Stabellini wrote:
+static inline void gicv3_restore_lr(int nr_lrs, const struct vcpu *v)
+    /* Fall through for all the cases */
+    switch ( nr_lrs )
+    {
+    case 16:
+        WRITE_SYSREG(v->arch.gic.v3.lr[15], ICH_LR15_EL2);
+    case 15:
+        WRITE_SYSREG(v->arch.gic.v3.lr[14], ICH_LR14_EL2);
+    case 14:
+        WRITE_SYSREG(v->arch.gic.v3.lr[13], ICH_LR13_EL2);
+    case 13:
+        WRITE_SYSREG(v->arch.gic.v3.lr[12], ICH_LR12_EL2);
+    case 12:
+        WRITE_SYSREG(v->arch.gic.v3.lr[11], ICH_LR11_EL2);
+    case 11:
+        WRITE_SYSREG(v->arch.gic.v3.lr[10], ICH_LR10_EL2);
+    case 10:
+        WRITE_SYSREG(v->arch.gic.v3.lr[9], ICH_LR9_EL2);
+    case 9:
+        WRITE_SYSREG(v->arch.gic.v3.lr[8], ICH_LR8_EL2);
+    case 8:
+        WRITE_SYSREG(v->arch.gic.v3.lr[7], ICH_LR7_EL2);
+    case 7:
+        WRITE_SYSREG(v->arch.gic.v3.lr[6], ICH_LR6_EL2);
+    case 6:
+        WRITE_SYSREG(v->arch.gic.v3.lr[5], ICH_LR5_EL2);
+    case 5:
+        WRITE_SYSREG(v->arch.gic.v3.lr[4], ICH_LR4_EL2);
+    case 4:
+        WRITE_SYSREG(v->arch.gic.v3.lr[3], ICH_LR3_EL2);
+    case 3:
+        WRITE_SYSREG(v->arch.gic.v3.lr[2], ICH_LR2_EL2);
+    case 2:
+        WRITE_SYSREG(v->arch.gic.v3.lr[1], ICH_LR1_EL2);
+    case 1:
+        WRITE_SYSREG(v->arch.gic.v3.lr[0], ICH_LR0_EL2);
+         break;
+    default:
+         BUG();
+    }

Given that the number of LR registers has grown up quite a bit from
GICv2, we should optimize this code and only save and restore the
registers that are actually in used by checking on lr_mask.

I'm not convinced that will be faster, the code above involves a
straight line with no branches, but potentially some unnecessary stores.
Looping or lr_mask involves a loop, a test_bit and most critically a
switch over the lr number (to select the correct sysreg, which is a
static register, not an opcode argument), but has no redundant stores. I
suspect the straight line version will actually be quicker.

The solution suggested by Stefano doesn't work as it is. We only save/restore the LR register marked as used in the lr_mask (which is per-VCPU). We may end up with LR from the previous running VCPU because Xen will restore only the necessary LRs.

To fix the solution would be to clear the LRs when we save all LRs. But I'm not convince it will be faster than the current solution.


Julien Grall

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