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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC] Implement Batched (group) ticket lock

On 05/29/2014 03:25 AM, Rik van Riel wrote:
On 05/28/2014 08:16 AM, Raghavendra K T wrote:

This patch looks very promising.

Thank you Rik.


- My kernbench/ebizzy test on baremetal (32 cpu +ht sandybridge) did not seem to
   show the impact of extra cmpxchg. but there should be effect of extra 

Canceled out by better NUMA locality?

Yes perhaps. it was even slightly better.

- we can further add dynamically changing batch_size implementation 
(inspiration and
   hint by Paul McKenney) as necessary.

I could see a larger batch size being beneficial.

Currently the maximum wait time for a spinlock on a system
with N CPUs is N times the length of the largest critical

Having the batch size set equal to the number of CPUs would only
double that, and better locality (CPUs local to the current
lock holder winning the spinlock operation) might speed things
up enough to cancel that part of that out again...

having batch size = number of cpus would definitely help contended cases
especially on larger machines (by my experience with testing on a 4
node 32 core machine). +ht case should make it even more

My only botheration was overhead in undercommit cases because of extra
So may be batch_size = total cpus / numa node be optimal?...

-#define __TICKET_LOCK_INC      2
  #define TICKET_SLOWPATH_FLAG  ((__ticket_t)1)
-#define __TICKET_LOCK_INC      1
  #define TICKET_SLOWPATH_FLAG  ((__ticket_t)0)

For the !CONFIG_PARAVIRT case, TICKET_LOCK_INC_SHIFT used to be 0,
now you are making it one. Probably not an issue, since even people
who compile with 128 < CONFIG_NR_CPUS <= 256 will likely have their
spinlocks padded out to 32 or 64 bits anyway in most data structures.


+#define TICKET_BATCH    0x4 /* 4 waiters can contend simultaneously */
+                                 TICKET_LOCK_TAIL_INC - 1)

I do not see the value in having TICKET_BATCH declared with a
hexadecimal number,

yes.. It had only helped me to make the idea readable to myself, I
could get rid of this if needed.

and it may be worth making sure the code
does not compile if someone tried a TICKET_BATCH value that
is not a power of 2.

I agree.  will have BUILD_BUG for not power of 2 in next version.
But yes it reminds me that I wanted to have TICKET_BATCH = 1 for
!CONFIG_PARAVIRT so that we continue to have original fair lock version.
Does that make sense? I left it after thinking about same kernel running
on host/guest which would anyway will have CONFIG_PARAVIRT on.

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