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Re: [Xen-devel] Issue policing writes from Xen to PV domain memory

>If you want to single step ... well that goes to the point Jan raises below. 
>can't single-step the hypervisor. I guess the right question to ask is "What
>would GDB do?". Imagine you are tracing a user-space process with shared
>memory and a separate process starts changing that shared memory?
>I think that spells the answer.
>We have the luxury of defining this interface, and the responsibility to keep 
>as stable as possible. I think that for extending to PV we should either (i) 
>with this event merge and not pretend we can even remotely single-step
>hypervisor accesses to shared memory -- but keep in mind the potential for
>ring exhaustion exists; or (ii) discard altogether accesses by Xen to shared
>memory from the set of trackable operations.
>Aravindh, is there a reason not to choose (ii)?
>       And no, I have no good idea about how to deal with the situation. I
>       continue to think that this is the wrong overall approach though, due
>       to the resultant inconsistency with HVM (where Xen writes are being
>       ignored), i.e. I believe you ought to rather think about making these
>       not fault, or deal with the faults gracefully and without needing to
>       emulate the instructions. One possibility I can see would be to clear
>       CR0.WP in the fault handler (and set a flag that this was done),
>       restoring it on the path back out of guest memory access function(s).
>       But that of course implies that the situation can only ever arise for
>       writes. And it would need to be done extremely carefully to make
>       sure you don't inadvertently allow writes to regions that are truly
>       write protected.
>As per above, we could forsake this and choose (ii).
>       > PS: I did try running with a hacked up version where the max ring
>       > entries (nr_ents) is 1 and I could not make this situation happen but
>I guess
>       > it is still theoretically possible. Or am I mistaken?
>       No, you aren't - if the ring doesn't get consumed from, it will
>       unavoidably become full at some point.
>Yes the fundamental problem (with PV) remains, if we choose (i).
>I am fine with going with option (ii) and keep things consistent with HVM.
>Jan, I will resubmit this patch with the other changes you and Tim asked for.


I am re-opening this thread due to "Xen 4.5 Development update" thread. I was 
under the impression that you wanted to keep PV on par with HVM and not allow 
policing of Xen writes to guest memory. So I continued down that path by 
detecting if the write is coming from Xen and allowing the write fault to be 
handled gracefully and not passed to the mem_access listener. Please let me 
know if you are fine with this approach.


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