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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 4.5 development update

On 27/05/2014 19:06, konrad.wilk@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> = Open =
> * Andrew Cooper  Prognosis:   100 %
>     libx{c,l} error handling cleanup 

I certainly advocated this as a critical item which has rolled over from
previous Xen releases (perhaps the biggest issue being raised during
XSA-55 where several functions were identified as being unable to
determine whether the call succeeded or failed, given the integer
returned to the caller).  We can certainly discuss this at the
hackathon, but given my other obligations (new migration first,
XenServer second) I am probably not the best person to lead this,
although I will certainly help where possible.

>     New migration.

This is certainly the main focus of work, and top priority as far as
myself, David, and XenServer is concerned.

>     cpuid leveling

While this is certainly a key issue, it has been deprioritised behind
new migration.  There is still a lot of work to do there, so I can't
make any guarantees at this point as to when I can start it, let alone
finish it, and where that will sit in the 4.5 timeframe.  Hopefully, but
no certainty.

> * Andrew Benniest  Prognosis:   100 %
>     Netback multiqueue

Andrew left Citrix recently.  As far as I am aware, the patches are all
acked and ready to be merged.  Baring any complications, David is
probably the best person to keep on top of them, should any further work
be required.

(I realise I am nominating David for work without his explicit consent
in this regard, but hope it will be accepted in principle)


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