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[Xen-devel] Tomorrow is Xen Project Document Day

This is just a reminder that tomorrow, Wednesday May 28, is our next
Xen Project Document Day.

Xen Project Document Day is a day to help improve overall Xen Project
documentation.  This month, I am suggesting that we pay special attention
to documents relating to Performance:


Note that we don't have very many documents in the category.  The
largest document:


is focused largely on XCP/XenServer and doesn't appear to have many
recent edits.  With XenServer developing a life of its own, it would
be good to see this document get recast as a straight Xen Project
document, if that makes sense.

The most generic document:


seems to have only a few sections.  Certainly, we must have more
information than this to share on such an important subject.

As usual, all the info you need to participate in Document Day is here:


If you get a few moments in the next week, please take a look at the
current TODO list to see other items which need attention:


So please think about how you can join in the action.  If you haven't
requested to be made a Wiki editor, save time and do it now so you are
ready to go on Document Day.  Just fill out the form below:


We hope to see you tomorrow in #xendocs!

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