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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 0/3] qemu-freebsd: fixes for running Xen guests

This three patches allow FreeBSD Xen Dom0 to use Qemu (i.e., launch
HVM guests).

First patch fixes the usage of ENODATA, which doesn't exist on FreeBSD
and is replaced with ENOENT instead.

The second patch is more controversial probably, since it introduces a
FreeBSD specific version of tap_open which behaves like it's Linux
counterpart, allowing Qemu to create tap interfaces and rename them.
I've decided to just fork the function instead of adding a bunch more
of preprocessor code in the original function.

Last patch adds G_IO_HUP to calls to qemu_chr_fe_add_watch so they
behave the same way on both FreeBSD and Linux (see the commit message
for the rationale).

Thanks for the review, Roger.

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