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Re: [Xen-devel] GSoC Project: Implement Xen PVUSB support in xl/libxl toolstack

On Fri, May 23, Simon Cao wrote:

> I am a master student from Shanghai Jiao Tong university who participate in 
> the
> Google summer of Code 2014 to "Implement Xen PVUSB support in xl/libxl
> toolstack". The project lasts 12 weeks, from 17, May to 18, August. I just
> started to review codes and build the development environment. Hope I can make
> some contribution to Xen project.

As a guideline, what places will need changes, take a look at this draft
for pvscsi. I assume your change will use the pvusb UI from xend, so
that existing domU.cfg can be reused.


Good luck.


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