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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCHv1 0/5] tools: rework VM Generation ID

David Vrabel writes ("[PATCHv1 0/5] tools: rework VM Generation ID"):
> This series reworks the VM Generation ID to a) conform to the
> published spec from Microsoft; b) simplify the save/restore code; and
> c) extend the libxl API to allow toolstacks to use this feature.
> The VM Generation ID must be regenerated with a new random ID after
> certain VM operations. For xl, a new ID is required when restoring
> from a saved image (but not after a migration, reboot, pause/unpause).

At first blush, I think this specification is incoherent.

What is the difference between save/restore and migration ?  Or
between pause/unpause and save/restore ?  AFAICT the only high-level
semantic difference is whether the domain state is saved in a disk
file.  There are performance differences of course.

Are there even any guest-visible differences between migration and
save/restore ?


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